Signs You Should Have Your Siding Replaced

How does your home’s exterior look? Is the siding practically picture-perfect? Or could it use some work? Maybe you’re unsure if it’s bad enough to worry about yet. When it comes to your home’s exterior siding, there are some signs that can help you tell if it’s time to replace it with new, high-quality siding.

Visible Siding Damage

There are several visual indicators that your siding needs to be replaced. Look for siding that is cracked, warped, or rotting. Siding should be crack-free and totally solid. If it’s not, it’s time to start looking at replacing it. Blisters and bubbles are indicators of water damage, which means the siding can’t do its job effectively anymore–it’s supposed to keep water out, after all. The presence of fungus, mold, or mildew on your siding is problematic for the same reasons. Even faded siding could indicate that your siding’s weatherproofing abilities are waning. If so, it’s time to prepare to have it replaced.

Interior Paint Peeling

Would you be surprised to learn that not all signs that you should replace your siding are found outside your home? You may find some indoors as well. If you have loose wallpaper or the paint inside your home is peeling, a failure in your siding could be to blame. Remember, siding is supposed to keep water and moisture out of your home. If there is moisture in your walls, it could be coming in through your siding. 

Rising Energy Bills

Are you suffering from rising energy bills that you can’t explain? While there are plenty of factors that contribute to rising energy bills, your siding could be a contributor. Check your home for attic leaks, bad insulation, drafty windows and doors, and other common energy-loss culprits. If you’ve ruled those out, the problem could be with your siding. Siding helps insulate your home, keeping the heat or cold air in, depending on the season. Old, damaged siding doesn’t insulate nearly as well as new, high-quality siding. Replacing it could make a surprising difference in your bills.

Your home’s siding helps protect your home from the elements. It can’t do its job if it’s damaged though. Contact Vostok Construction if it’s time to replace your siding. We’re committed to creating the best look for your new home using siding that looks as good as it is durable and strong. 

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