Kitchen Remodeling Services in Sacramento, CA

Transform your kitchen into a masterpiece with Vostok Construction, the leading experts in kitchen remodel and renovation in Sacramento, CA. Our renowned reputation in the Sacramento home remodeling industry is built on our exceptional blend of skilled design partners and experienced project managers. We specialize in seamlessly coordinating every aspect of your kitchen design, ensuring that the heart of your home reflects your unique style and meets all your functional needs.

Our showroom is a treasure trove of inspiration for your renovation project. Here, you'll find full kitchen displays that showcase the endless possibilities for your space. Our selection includes custom cabinetry that blends beauty with functionality, state-of-the-art appliances that make cooking a pleasure, and decorative hardware that adds the perfect finishing touches. Our innovative plumbing solutions and beautiful lighting options are designed to create an inviting atmosphere, while our large selection of unique stone and tile ensures that your kitchen is as individual as you are.

Don't wait to create the kitchen of your dreams. Contact Vostok Construction today to start your journey. Call, email, or visit us to discover how we can transform your kitchen into a space that is not only beautiful but also a true reflection of your lifestyle. With Vostok Construction, your dream kitchen is within reach.

Premium Cabinetry

We offer a large variety of cabinetry lines that offer all of the modern day cabinet features that every homeowner dreams of having in their kitchen. Our cabinet partners have been through a large vetting process to find high quality cabinetry for an affordable price. Also, for the clients who like to generously invest in their kitchen, we offer some of the most prestigious cabinet lines in the US. We at Vostok, take pride in our transparency when it comes to all material prices when planning for a client's project. Our representatives are available any time of the day to answer any questions you have about your kitchen remodel!

Custom Kitchen Countertops

Whether you are completely renovating your kitchen or you are looking for just countertop replacement, our countertop installers have been installing countertops in Sacramento for over 20 years. While in today’s times most clients choose quartz as their selected countertops, we also offer granite, marble, and even butcher block countertops.

How It Works

  • After the existing countertops are removed, we use state of the art technology to laser measure your kitchen to get the most accurate measurements in order to get a perfect fit to your cabinets.
  • Once the cabinets are measured, we will schedule an installation date and order the selected countertop slabs. The slabs are then delivered to our shop and fabricated to the layout of your cabinets.
  • Following this, we will contact you a few days prior to installation to ensure that you are still comfortable with the installation date.
  • On the day of installation, our crew will make sure all non-construction areas are taped off and continue with installing you beautiful new countertops that you selected. Installation of countertops typically is completed within 1-2 days.
If you are looking for a more affordable option for countertops, we also install prefabricated countertops which are all cut and fabricated on site which saves clients a substantial amount for other projects they are looking to get done.

Design Process

Our goal throughout the pre-construction and planning process is to keep our clients informed and comfortable. We want our clients to have complete confidence in their designer, project manager, and installers. After meeting with our designers at the showroom and having chosen your dream cabinet, we will create a 3D model and layout of your kitchen so that you know exactly what your space will look like when it is all complete.

What To Expect When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Remodeling a home can be a challenging project. Some homeowners are blindsided by delays, setbacks, and unforeseen costs. The key to avoiding these pitfalls is to remember that planning promotes peak performance. Understanding the proper planning and procedures can make the entire remodeling process streamline and enjoyable.

Select A One-Stop-Shop

To simplify your project, we offer all the services that you may possibly need when looking for the right company.

Working with a company that provides design and general contracting services will make the process of your project run smoothly. Finding a “one-stop-shop” to handle the project from design concept to installation will not only save you time but also streamline the entire communication and coordination process.

We at Vostok have some of the best coordinators, project managers, and installers in place ready to coordinate and oversee your entire project.

Stay Involved

If possible, we prefer to wait until all cabinets, appliances and necessary items have arrived before the work begins. When deliveries are made, we always check for damage and have the materials stored, until work begins. As the work proceeds, keep an eye on the details, however large and small they may be. Inspect the work, and write down comments or questions to review with your project manager. We may even want to set up regular meetings to go over progress to date and to give updates on what’s in store for the days ahead.

Temporary Quarters

Since you are going to lose all or part of your kitchen for several weeks, one of the best preparations you can make is to set up a temporary kitchen outside the work area. Set this up in a place that you can access easily and safely. It’s best to set up near another water source such as a bath or laundry sink, where you can also set up your microwave, toaster oven, coffee pot or other small appliances you need to get by temporarily. If possible, we will relocate your refrigerator in or near this temporary area.