Get To Know Vostok

Our highest level of focus when remodeling homes is the customer’s needs and how to execute those needs with high quality craftsmanship. We at Vostok take big pride in our customer service. When we say our customers are #1, we mean it. Our focus is to make our customers feel comfortable with our crew and their work abilities from start to finish.

No detail is too small, and nothing is overlooked. We work hard from one client to the next to build stunning home remodels, but also to build our reputation for dependability, service, and workmanship. We look forward to making your vision our next project of pride.

How It All Began

Vostok was created over 12 years ago by Alex Tyukayev. Before starting Vostok Construction Alex was a subcontractor for some of the biggest construction companies in Northern California. He fell in love with the trade and wanted to be more invested in the renovation process from start to finish so he started Vostok Construction.

"My career in home remodeling started when I was about 15, just a boy in Eastern Europe. My father, the “Golden Hand” award-winning carpenter, began teaching me his trade, and I took to it right away. Since then, I’ve traveled halfway around the world, but have always kept my tools close by. Now, with decades of experience, I still remember many of the things he taught me, and have learned to focus on a few other key things: delivering an outstanding result, maintaining a commitment to quality workmanship, and keeping the trust of every client I serve. Every beautiful end result and smiling face I leave behind is my reward.

I look forward to helping transform many more dreams into a reality."

  • Alex Tyukayev
  • Founder, Vostok Construction

After many years in the trade, his son Eric Tyukayev started working with him when he was 15 years old. Eric worked hard for 6 years until he started to manage and complete his own projects under Vostok’s license. A few more years of hard work later, he was managing a few different projects at once and moved up quickly in the trade.
After 10 years of hard work, trial and error, and lots of guidance from his father, Alex and Eric are now running the company together with the same quality craftsmanship, customer service, and morals that Alex’s father taught him throughout his childhood.

"Starting out as a teenager getting dirty and working physically to the point of soreness wasn't my favorite job. But throughout many years of working and focusing on my daily tasks on the jobsite, one thing kept me going from one project to the next. The customer's happiness when we finally completed the project. It was, and still is my favorite part of this business. My father guided me through this business and taught me everything I know, just like my grandpa did for him. I am very grateful for him both at work and in our personal lives. With the both of us seeing eye to eye and focusing on the customer, it translates into a great work experience for us, our employees, and most importantly, our clients."

  • Eric Tyukayev
  • Business Manager, Vostok Construction
Eric Vostok

Here Is How The Process Works

First off, we at Vostok Construction focus on our customer’s experience from start to finish. Our goal is to make our customers feel comfortable and informed from our first meeting all the way up until signing of a contract.

Free Estimate

After we schedule a meeting date and time that you are most comfortable with, one of our Vostok representatives will come to your project location and greet you with a smile. During the meeting they will introduce themselves and our company, discuss all your needs for your project, and take measurements of the project site.


Signing & Planning

Once you have received your free estimate and are comfortable with the estimated price, we will sign a contract and immediately start on your permits. While the perimits on in process with your local city building department, this is a great time for us to help you choose and order all material needed for your project.


Project Process

On the day of the scheduled project launch, the initial Vostok representative and one of our Vostok installation crews will arrive and go over the project's plans and schedule.
Throughout the duration of the project, all non-construction areas will be taped off and protected. Vostok will be holding close contact with you throughout the time we will be working on your project and will be sending updates and swiftly answering any questions you have.


Project Closure

Upon completing your project, Vostok will clean the construction areas and haul away all debris and unneeded materials from the jobsite. We do not collect the final payment until you are 100% satisfied with all the work completed. Our crews are always happy to work until full satisfaction is achieved.